Our Mission

At Kinetic MedX, we want to help you become the best version of yourself

All Are Welcome

Whether you are a newcomer to the health and movement scene or a grizzled veteran, we can support your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Be the Best YOU

We understand the rigors of daily life, we are not here to beat you down or shame you. We believe in positive reinforcement, leading by example and being there for you.

Your Success is Our Success

We truly care about your wellbeing inside and outside the gym. Let us help you live a happier, healthier life.

The Kinetic MedX Basic 4

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You know sleep is important, but do you know why?

Get your Zzzz's

Having a structured sleep schedule to can lead to increased recovery time, improvement to overall health and mental clarity. Both Quality & Quantity are necessary for improving health & fitness.


What are you drinking and how much?

Drink Up!

The quality and quantity of the water you drink plays a vital role in your body's everyday functions. Make certain you are receiving the best nutrients from your water, and none of the bad stuff.


How much? How often? What?

Eat Mindfully

We truly become what we eat. Having a good grasp on nutrition and your daily eating habits will lead you to great success. Nutrient dense foods fuel the journey to a healthy, fulfilling, and fit life.


Get the right workout for you

Work it!

Not a back breaking workout, not a beatdown and definitely not ego-driven. Daily activity will facilitate great change no matter the body's current state. Longevity is the goal & movement will be our medicine.