I‘ve been training with Alan for over 4 years. Not only is he positive, committed and caring, but he is incredibly knowledgeable. While a lot of trainers only know how to program workouts, Alan also knows the mobility and strength work needed to sustain doing more intense workouts over the long term.

Alan helped me so much while I was rehabbing my shoulder – which due to an old injury, was limiting my ability to perform overhead weighted movements. He understands the balance between cardio, strength and mobility that gets a person to feeling and moving in a way that is healthy and sustainable.

Alan is also a trainer who is easy to relate to. He has struggled with defining health for himself and understands the struggles people face in life that can cause us to gain weight, stop exercising, and get stuck in a psychological rut.

Alan helps these clients get “unstuck” and build self esteem in the process of finding their physical strength and adopting habits to live their best lives. I appreciate all he has done in helping me grow from a beginning athlete to a lifelong athlete.

-Hannah K.

Alan is hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with. He is personally invested in the people he trains doing well and reaching their goals. Alan has a huge heart and he cares about everyone, that is just his nature.

I had been doing Crossfit for years when I met Alan but I was never able to do a double under and I had been stuck at the same one rep max for deadlift for a long time. With Alan’s encouragement, diet changes and extra coaching I was able to reach my goals quickly.

Alan is very attentive and he gets to know all the people he coaches personally. He genuinely cares about your success.

-Karen H.

I cannot put into words the amount of love and respect that I have for Coach Alan. He has been a positive, energetic, patient, knowledgeable coach and the best cheerleader out there when the WOD is taking you to that dark place and you just want to quit.

Coach Alan is one of the finest coaches I have ever worked with. He has a great approach to training and nutrition; and a very positive attitude overall. He instructs with knowledge and patience, with a knack for sensing and responding to the needs of all the members of the class. He provides a personal approach to group classes, always remembering little things about the way each of us moves, our limitations, and what our overall abilities are. He is quick to respond to individual needs by asking the right questions about movement, strength, flexibility, etc. in order to offer the right option; either through scaling the weight used or movement involved, in order to maximize individual performance.

I am proud to know him as a coach and friend. I am very happy you are out there doing what you do best: coach with a true passion and desire to help improve people through fitness and nutrition. I wish you the best, Coach!

-Jake M. 

Coach Alan has been my coach for the last three Years! From where I was when I first met him to where I am now is completely staggering.

He truly is a coach as every last bit of help is personalized to me. He remembers how I move (my strengths and weakness) and is always helping me fix the my issues for continual improvement – no matter how big or little the issue.

Alan is extremely flexible, accommodating, and really listens. He also spends a lot of time in the details, and making sure I (and everyone) else is moving well, and moving to their best abilities.

Alan’s nutrition/outside-of-working-out coaching is great as well! Giving a helpful push to make sure we are eating correctly, drinking enough water, and sleeping well. He is well rounded and friendly.

Everyone I know gets comfortable with Coach Alan instantaneously – which is key to working together to improve our health!

-Ron K.

I’ve been training with Alan for over 4 years now, and believe he is one of the most talented, knowledgeable, committed, and passionate trainers and coaches around.

From beginner to advanced-athletes, Alan is a master at making every workout session challenging (& fun!). He ensures that my technique is always correct and provides modifications to avoid injuries.

Alan is the complete package; he not only gives me guidance and motivation in my workouts, but he is also constantly giving tips for living a healthy life, including recommendations on hydration, sleep and nutrition! I wholeheartedly recommend Alan to anyone who is looking to improve, maintain or simple enjoy their physical fitness! Thanks, Al!

-Shannon K.

So I just finished my 3 month OBGYN appointment and I am officially the healthiest I have been in years. My blood pressure is at the lowest I have seen in over 5 years (they wanted to put me on pills when I lived in Bahrain) and it’s now 128/68! 

You are a part of this Alan. I love the bootcamps and I am so proud to be a small part of your journey. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone once I’m back from Canada!

-Lyndsay M.

After my first baby 3 years ago, I was having trouble getting my core back in gear to be able to move as I wanted. After 4 months of struggling, Alan took the time to figure out what was wrong and turned my abs “back on.” This made all the difference in the world.

After my second baby, as soon as I was medically cleared, I turned the abs back on and have had a much easier time getting back to where I want to be. I can absolutely attribute this to Alan’s knowledge as a coach. Not only is he knowledgeable but he truly cares for each person he comes across.

Alan also finds a way to make the most brutal of workouts fun and always gives corrections to ensure you are moving safely and correctly. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer and a coach!!

Jennifer G.

I can’t find words to express how amazing Coach Alan is! I walked into a class with him feeling intimidated and very out of shape. His jokes, constant smile and demeanor immediately made me feel at home and wanting to come back for more torture. He achieves an awesome balance between educating you about movements to make sure that your workout is safe, goofing off, and also helping maintain mobility to avoid injuries. This is a very difficult balance to find and Al does it seamlessly.

He’s going to make you work, but he’s also going to make you laugh! He has become my coach and my friend, I’d give him more than 5 stars if it was possible. If you are considering going to one of his classes, just do it, you’ll thank me for the recommendation later!!

Michelle B.

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